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Our story...

Mark and Nadia met in 2005 in Los Angeles while Mark worked as a private chef and in restaurants across the city and Nadia was an interior designer and actress. 


In 2009, Mark was in an accident and lost his leg. Without insurance, his options were limited and the demand of standing in a kitchen all day would keep him from cooking while healing. In order to get back on his feet (literally) he volunteered at a prosthetic company to get his first prosthetic leg and lead him into career in prosthetics. 


Five years later, Mark was offered a job at a prosthetic company in this very same building. When the company changed locations, Mark suggested to the building owner that they turn the space into a restaurant. With Nadia's design expertise and Mark's knowledge of construction, together the couple created and built That's My Jam. 


They opened to great reviews in February of 2020 but quickly had to close because...well you know. After a number of pandemic-era setbacks, Mark built their gorgeous outdoor parklet with handcrafted wood design and they’ve been going strong since September of 2022! 

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